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The cast and crew of Towne Street Theatre's 2014 production of 1969.

Full-Length Plays

An American Tract

(Jac Publishing)

Anne Jackson, a Black single mother Who works as a practical nurse unexpectedly inherits a home from a former patient. It’s a chance to move her family out of the violent projects into an all white upscale planned community. But is it a blessing or is it a curse?

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Franklin Pierce is an African-American right-wing talk show host. All of his opinions concerning black people are negative. Franklin is a disgrace to his mother, Emma, who raised him in the South where the death of his father was caused by the same forces who are Franklin's supporters. An unexpected visit from his older brother, Eric, causes Franklin to rethink his conservative opinions.


It's the late sixties and passions are fueled by a potentially deadly confrontation between a black revolutionary, a successful black businessman and his socialite wife. Directed by Kim Harrington.

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The Dance Begins When the Waltz Goes Backwards

A White has-been writer is confronted by an African-American homeless man who dresses in newspapers and seems to be "wearing" the writer's life story. Produced by Towne Street Theatre.

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Short Plays


Two revolutionaries, one woman and the police. An explosive cocktail.

Daily Entries

(Jac Publishing)

Following a chance meeting, Calvin and Ellen discover they both keep a journal. When they agree to read each other's journal out loud, unexpected feelings are revealed.

Digital Natives

A mysterious outage in a coffee shop forces cell phone users to reluctantly connect with each other. 

Babble Rousers

An African-American man who has lost his language accuses a group of young people who are texting of stealing his language. Are they guilty? If not, who stole the language?


It's the mid-1980s when AIDS was rampant and hostile takesovers ruled the day.

A low information warehouse foreman goes ballistic when he learns he will lose his job because of a corporate takeover.

Screenplays & TV Scripts

They Need a Porter at the Chase Hotel (Screenplay)

Trip W City, TV Pilot (Co-writer)

Blues Part of Town, TV Pilot (Co-writer)

Awards, Honors & Readings


Available in the Texas State University's Theatre Archives

Thirty-Three 3-Minute Slam (2011)

Presented at the Theatre Communication Group's

2011 Annual Conference

"Daily Entries" 

Winner, Open Slot Award (1984)

Group Repertory Theatre World Premiere Grand Opening



Staged Reading, Dramatist Guild

Friday Night Lights, 2016

"An American Tract"

Finalist, McDonald's/Negro Ensemble Company Literary Achievement Award (1990)

(One of 5 finalists out of 1,800 submissions)

"They Need a Porter at the Chase Hotel"

Best Screenplay, Writers' Guild Open Door Award (1973)


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